Literary Letterpress

So I was doing a little research last week on some paper options for letterpress and started at my favorite letterpress studio’s (Studio on Fire) blog, Beast Pieces. While sifting through the beautiful work I came across one of their print jobs for Heads of State. When  I saw it, I my jaw dropped. 32 individual business card designs for characters from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby. All printed on one giant sheet, by the way, using 4 inks with some tight registration. This is impressive in and of itself, but the designs by Heads of State are spot on!

I remember reading the Great Gatsby in high school (and I not appreciating it until much later) and trying to keep up with the elite of East and West Egg…I’m sure this would have come in handy back then! All I can think of is all of my old literature teachers and how  they would have appreciated  and loved this. It actually makes me want to go back and read The Great Gatsby, but more than that, it makes me want to start over on some intense (re) self branding….lord knows I need it!

With this inspiration in hand, I am off to branding land! Letterpress could be an option, me thinks…


Sin by Silence

This post is going to seem a bit arbitrary in relation to previous posts but I simply must share.

Tonight I went to a screening of a documentary film called Sin by Silence hosted by our campus’s Women’s Center. I wasn’t sure what it was about or what to expect. I soon discovered that the topic was dealing with domestic violence. Before the film began, there were statistics and facts that detailing the extent to which domestic abuse effects our society. The film was then introduced by a university administrator who very honestly admitted to her personal struggle with abuse.

The film tells the stories of several different women currently imprisoned in a California Women’s Institution who have all been sentenced to 15 years to life for killing their abusers. More specifically, it shows the changes that are coming from an organization that was started from within the prison by one of its convicted inmates, Brenda Clubine. In 1989, Brenda started Convicted Women Against Abuse to help women like her speak out and realize they are not alone. Over the past two decades, the women of CWAA have changed laws for battered women and raised awareness for those on the outside. It also tells the personal and shocking stories of these strong women who are learning from their past and are changing their future and the futures of abused women in our country.

I’ll be honest, I am the emotional type and this really got to me but inspired me none the less. After the film had ended there was a panel discussion with law experts and, to my surprise, Brenda Clubine herself and the daughter of one of the women in the film. Brenda was released from prison after new laws were passed that brought her 42 filed police reports, hospital records, and protective orders to her defense and got her freedom after over 20 years in prison. She was a truly amazing individual and was very receptive. I had the opportunity to speak to her some after the panel about my own experiences and those of loved ones who have . What a lady!

People like Brenda Clubine and the other women of the CWAA have done so much to raise awareness and fight to give justice to those who need it. But more so than that, encouraging women (and men) to find their voice to speak out against domestic abuse so that fewer lives are lost and destroyed.

I encourage anyone to watch this documentary. It’s less than hour long, very engaging and inspiring. Check out the trailer below and the official site here.


Sometimes things just feel right. Whether it’s a shoe, a job, or a relationship. Certain things just work. Yet, for some reason it takes forever to figure some things out! For instance, my friend Lillie and I have known each other for nearly 4 years now and have been pretty much on the same page the whole time. Since we’ve become closer over the last year or so, things have become even more clear. Our design sensibilities are very similar, we have the same interests when it comes to fashion, delicious  interiors, and pretty things in general. It has begun to manifest itself in our appearance. It is a near daily occurrence that there is some element of our outfit that is practically identical. And if it’s not on our physical person, it’s a thought or idea that comes out in near identical terms. So upon our discovery of these facts, we had an epiphany: Why have we not collaborated yet?

So, next step. Do that. Collaborate. What could our two distinctly similar brains create together?  ……………blank.

Eventually we came up with a way to not only do a single project together but also sustain a continuous project even after graduation in May when neither of our fates are certain. What other place could be more perfect than on the web? Not much we gathered. We decided to create a blog that we could post responses to one another’s work and inspiration and create a visual and mental dialog within a public space that we can share not only with each other but with whomever chooses to peek in.

Check it out at where you can see our progress so far. We are drawing content from Flickr Commons and from our own personal libraries.

I’m really excited to see where this little project goes and how how it evolves over time. We plan on changing the look once we are able to fund some hosting and and have more editable capabilities through WordPress.

Check it out and see what it becomes!


I am pleased to announce I surviced the sugar induced coma I underwent after consuming the afore mentioned cake. 

I had several moments today.

(And to be honest, my “moments” happen more often than not.)

First was during a class discussion. I realized that March is going to be the most intense month of my life. Why? I am not as far along with my senior thesis as I had planned and is marked on my calendar, I will be working on and perfecting a resume, portfolio, and personal branding during the month. I may possibly be taking on a second job (cross your fingers, because it could be very awesome). All that plus many other little tid bits that will contribute to and possibly hinder my goal of achieving a 4.0 for the last semester of my collegiate career.

Second was during a remarkable talk from Geoffrey Canada. If you don’t know him, I highly suggest looking him up on Google and also YouTube. He is doing some amazing things in Harlem for the future of the youth of the community, whom he calls “his children”, and soon more cities across our country. I realized how lucky I have been to have lived the life I have lived. I am currently typing on a $2500 piece of equipment, while the children Canada helps are lucky to have a $2 shirt on their back. I have been blessed with a family that not only provides me with things I need, but has also taught me how to be a respectable human being and functioning member of society. Some children are not so fortunate. They are unknowingly thrust into a cycle that Canada and many others are trying to break. I realized during Canada’s talk, especially during his self writ poem he dictated at the conclusion of his talk, that not enough people, myself included, hold themselves accountable for their actions and the things they neglect. The “Don’t Blame Me” attitude is far too easy to stand on. (If you can find this poem anywhere online I highly suggest searching for it.) Change has to start within. That’s something I intend on working on. Gosh, what an incredible man! He made me even more enthusiastic about an event taking place in April that the UTC Art Department, Chattanooga community, and public schools will all be involved in. So excited to see what will happen.

Third, on a far less moving and far more superficial level, I realized that I am not realizing my full potential out here on the “inter-webs.” I am subscribed to so many blogs and things and have usernames for so many different sites, it’s ridiculous. I cannot tell you how many “forgot password/username” emails I’ve had to have sent to my inbox over the last few weeks (which is weird because I use practically the same username/password combo for just about everything–if you cracked one password, you’d pretty much be able to hack into anything I’m on…but please don’t; I’d hate to have to seek you out and step on your toe.) I just can’t seem to sort out which are more relevant to me and what is actually worth my time. (Ex: Behance was a complete failure for me…I should probably remove that link from my website…hmmm.) Basically, I’m saying I could be much better at keeping up with things. Like the Pinterest,, and Cargo Collective profiles I just signed up for that are 100% blank right now. Ugh, MOTIVATION is key…along with that whole time thing. I’ve come across two friends of mine this week that are doing blogs that are quite successful (at least by my standards); one a coworker (who won some radio blog award in Chattanooga) and the other a sorority sister who has the most pleasing little antidotes. I can do it…I can do it…I CAN do it too!

Well those were just some thoughts from today. I’m going to get away from this computer screen before this almost migraine turns into one.

Hope good epiphanies come your way 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Well it’s February 14th yet again.

I may be single, and this is generally a day to celebrate couples, and love, and all that good stuff, but I do not consider myself a sad, bitter, and aspiring cat lady (though I do really love my cat).  I find this a day to celebrate love for one another and one’s love for CAKE (and other delicious sweet things). That’s right, CAKE. I love it. And today, I shall celebrate it.

How? like this:

No, I did not make that cake in particular. But my roommate and I are currently in the process of making one just like it! (Mostly my roommate though…she’s a baking prodigy). I found the recipe HERE and Elizabeth made some delicious modifications of her own. So far in our baking excursion, we have used two bags of convectional sugar and one whole pound of butter. WOW. There is even a whole glass bowl FULL of homemade white chocolate frosting. Yeah…you’re jealous. I’ll add to this post as we finish and hopefully post some photos of our masterpiece. In the meantime, find some cake and celebrate!!!



So we did it! Here are the results from last night:


Failure…Well, Sort Of

And by that, I am referring to the previous post I made…back in September. I completely failed at updating on those topics. Perhaps I’ll get into them later, but for now I’ll all were wonderful things and great learning experiences and I really do love my cat. That’s the short of it.

I have made a New Year’s “commitment” to be a more contestant contributor on my brother Kevin’s website Fused (check it out here).  He started his website as a blog called Kevin’s Rant about three years ago and it has since blossomed into a full blown website that has started bringing in not only revenue, but contributions and screenings from some major studios like Warner Brothers, Paramount, and AMC to name a few, and has also landed him great contacts and links on major news forums. Needless to say, I am an extremely proud sister.

A couple of summers ago, Kevin asked me to contribute as a “fashion perspective”. I am by no means some kind of fashion guru, but I have successfully helped my brothers revamp their wardrobes with some simple additions and investments. He wanted me to offer the same advice and perspective to what we affectionately call the “Geek World.” This landed me the alias The Chic Geek.

I took a bit of a break from contributing do to school, but I am planning to stick to my new job of writing one column per month. One down, eleven to go! I found some great inspiration and typed away! I even created a little bit of a signature if you will. (Seen below.)

Check out the whole article here:


Long Time No See…

WOW!!! It has been far too long since I posted anything! Easter?? Really, Catharine? Get with the program!!!

I don’t have time to post anything at the moment, but I plan on updating this crazy blog over the next couple weeks. So much has happened over the last 5 months!!

Here’s a preview of what’s to come:

*Personal Portfolio website (check it out at
*Summer Internship at National Print Group
*AIGA “Engage” Leadership Conference 2010 in Chattanooga
*New place and adopted kitty!!
*Web Directions USA and AMPED! Hack-day
*The Desk Lamp Project

And whatever else I’ve forgotten!!